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What Did Kevin O'leary InventUltimately, Dragon Brett Wilson consented to back her business, which fired to sales of $5-million by 2014. "Within a couple of years it was fairly clear that we had actually surpassed the evaluation that I went to Dragons' Den with," said Mielke.

I went back decades later on to locate the proprietor because I owe her such a financial debt of gratitude. I never did locate her-- and when I checked out the mall I realized I could get it today if I wanted and also bulldoze it-- yet she was an extremely important component of my decision-making for the remainder of life.

I'm significantly useful to an entrepreneur, not just for the experience or advice I can provide, however it's definitely useful to obtain a bargain on "Shark Storage tank" and also get covered on primetime tv year after year.

The truth was fairly different. O'Leary was not even licensed to take care of or spend other people's cash. Instead, he hired Connor O'Brien, a former Wall Road financial investment banker, to run O'Leary Finances. Moreover, by 2012, the funds were in difficulty, being up to $1-billion in properties by the end of that year.

Both owners, both from Glendale Levels, IL, were not thinking about handing out half their firm. They had gone into the shark storage tank trying to find $150,000 investment in exchange for 10 percent of their organisation. They pressed back.

Henry Mintzberg, the Cleghorn professor of administration researches at McGill University, thinks O'Leary's depiction of a magnate is pejorative. "Pitbull (execs) do not include anything at all," he claimed in a meeting with this reporter back in 2012. Mintzberg claimed in the US there's been the appearance of the "cult of heroic leadership" within corporations. "The propensity there ... is to connect any type of success of the firm to one person," he mentioned. However Mintzberg stated companies operate finest when Chief Executive Officer's identify that companies are collaborative initiatives and they reveal adaptability and also psychological wellness. O'Leary, on the other hand, "is clearly an arc narcissist," kept in mind Mintzberg. "I aren't sure just how he manages his companies, yet his stereotype is inefficient."

I say to Barbara all the time, "Why are you so concerned about their feelings? Who cares? If business has no value and it's an insolvent idea, they're going to fall short anyways. You're doing them a big support if you're informing them the reality."

This previous autumn, when he finally sold his firm to Canoe, the funds were to $800-million in properties. This was because of redemptions-- capitalists pulling their loan out because of the funds' efficiency. "The majority of the funds performed poorly Interactive Trader for an extensive period of time and also most of (Bay Road) brokers refused to sell any new funds," states Mark McQueen, CEO of Wellington Financial LP, a $900-million Bay Street finance company and also one of O'Leary's long-time critics. "It's not personal. The market lives and also passes away on performance."

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SoftKey's most popular requisition was of San Francisco-based The Understanding Company (TLC). Before the sale, Tender Loving Care hired the Facility for Financial Research as well as Evaluation (CFRA), a forensic bookkeeping company, to analyze its suitor's financials.

Kevin O'leary Kathleen Wynne

There were other slips for O'Leary, too. In 2004, he was appointed to the board of Environmental Monitoring Solutions Inc. (later called EnGlobe Inc.), an Ontario waste administration company. Soon after that, the board discharged the business's Chief Executive Officer. But the firm's leadership was unable to jail a decrease in its ton of moneys caused by an overambitious acquisition program; the supply price slid from near $4 to 3.5 cents during O'Leary's term of virtually five years as a director.

I believe we'll be looking at Zipz three years from currently, as well as with any luck it will certainly have acquired some market share. Currently we're just at the starting stages, as well as we're doing a whole lot of job to wrap up the layout so that it's cost effective for wine makers and stores, and also able to save wine for at least a year. I think we've licked both those issues.

Mattel employed Bernard Stolar, a video-game exec, to see if he can salvage TLC. "It was an outright catastrophe," he claims. In 2000, Mattel turned over its multi-billion-dollar procurement to another company for a plain $27-million as well as a share of its future profits.

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O'Leary is unquestionably a media star: He has written best-selling publications, been a fixture on at the very least four televisions shows, consisting of the present ABC hit program Shark Storage tank, relish making horrendous declarations, and also crafted a photo as the "mean" Dragon, able to minimize creators to splits with putdowns like "this is the most awful concept I have actually ever heard in my life it's so bad!"

I can just go down the checklist. Every little thing is different; whatever is one-of-a-kind. Every day something occurs to among these business and also we're taking care of it. I sit down with the [O'Leary Financial Group] team every Friday, as well as we go, "OK, what happened this week?" And also we go through the great, the poor, as well as the hideous, and also they're all in various sectors.

O'Leary as well as his organisation companion Mike Perik marketed The Understanding Company to Mattel for $4.2 billion in 1999. The offer was a calamity for the toy company, and O'Leary and also Perik left Mattel with a severance package of Kevin O'Leary Interactive Trader around $5 million by the end of the year. Dario Cantatore/Getty

My personal opinion of "Shark Container" is that the business owner is standing in a very useful area when they're presenting. I get discouraged when I see individuals wasting my time. So I establish if an offer has advantage or not. If it does, after that I want among the Sharks to invest in it, yet let's move it along since I intend to see the following deal.

Kevin O'leary Conservative Leader

Freshly abundant O'Leary became a venture capitalist, shared fund supervisor, and also tv character, working as one of the original capitalists on "Dragon's Den," the Canadian collection that inspired "Shark Storage tank."

Kevin O'leary For President

O'Leary had released his funds with excellent fanfare back in 2008, presenting them to customers on his Company News Network (BNN) show, SqueezePlay. Prior to the cams, using a natty navy-blue match as well as matching azure tie, O'Leary looked like a honored father with a new infant as he clarified to co-host Amanda Lang just how his fund was created to create yield on a regular monthly basis.

"It most definitely does not help everyone, but for our particular circumstance we knew it was something that would really could profit us and also benefit him," says Williams. "When done appropriately and also thought through, definitely, [offering aristocracies] could be an additional arrow in the quiver, in a manner of speaking."

"The worth of your business if you are a distributor to a single customer is not that interesting," said O'Leary. Other sharks felt that while the bags were fun to check out, there had not been adequate need for individualized wrapping paper.

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Getting a handle on finances could be tough regardless of just how old you are. Whether you're a parent battling to explain financial savings to your kids, a recently engaged pair considering joining bank accounts, or an infant boomer going into retired life, Kevin O'Leary has guidance to help you make and maintain even more cash.

Kevin O Leary I Prefer to Earn moneyJust how you feel about Kevin O'Leary depends upon exactly how you really feel about capitalism itself. If, like me, you really Interactive Trader feel that within every rich person defeats the heart of a pirate, well, he's a ravenous Bluebeard. On the various other hand, if you believe the well-off make their loan through hard work, tweeze and also balls-to-the-wall persistence, after that O'Leary's your dark knight, a paragon of the winner-take-all free enterprise.

O'Leary has 27 companies in his portfolio, he said, as well as 55% have women CEOs. He has spoken about his confidence in women CEOs in the past, but he only lately found simply exactly how separated the numbers in his portfolio were in terms of gender.

Mike Harris had been up a week previously, and Tony Clement, that had actually just introduced his very own leadership quote, was visiting the next day. O'Leary thought he and also Clement, both guitar nuts, could do a little jamming, yet really, O'Leary just intended to see what commonalities they might share. Over the next couple of months, he prepares to invite up every person that proclaims their candidateship.

O'Leary has actually appeared against what he thinks about a "loophole" in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement; this treaty just requires that Canada return unlawful refugees who aim to cross at main boundary crossings. [119] He has additionally advocated for boosted border security in order to tackle the issue of unlawful migration. [120] [121] [122]

O'Leary supports building a pipeline from the Athabasca oil sands to Eastern Canada with the objectives of making Canada "energy independent". He has criticized Canada's dependence on Saudi Arabia for oil and gas. [112] He has actually stated he would sustain a national referendum on the problem of pipes. [113]

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Not every person assumes O'Leary's as excellent a businessman as O'Leary does. Some, like the left-leaning financial expert Armine Yalnizyan, have actually begged with him to leave the nation forever. Mark McQueen, the Toronto investment guru, has actually ended up being both O'Leary's self-appointed Boswell as well as his bête noire, requiring to his blog on the Wellington Financial site to mock O'Leary's every move, financial or otherwise. In January, in an article published after O'Leary introduced his possible bid for the Tory management, you could virtually feel McQueen's spittle on your face: "There's no doubt that it have to attract him as a promotion stunt, but, even after that, it's his most over-the-top one yet."

Kevin O'leary

On 18 January 2017, O'Leary formally went into the Traditional management race. [7] On 18 January 2017, his former Dragons' Den co-star Arlene Dickinson specified that she located O'Leary to be too "self-centered and opportunistic" to be qualified for the office of Prime Minister. [90] In action, another former Dragons' Den co-star, W. Brett Wilson, backed O'Leary, highlighting differences between O'Leary as a business person and his TELEVISION personality. [91]

In O'Leary's 2011 memoir, Cold Hard Reality, words "cash" shows up 304 times. For O'Leary, money is motivation as well as ideas. It's likewise virtually sentient. When he talks about errors his cash supervisors made in the 2000s, he composes, in all seriousness, "I could hear my money asking, 'Why? Why are you doing this to us?' "

At Bookalam's knee, little Kevin found out that he should conserve a third of every paycheque, invest just in stocks that pay a dividend and also, above all else, stay clear of debt ("a cancer," inning accordance with O'Leary). Terry, at the same time, taught him various other lessons. An outbound, garrulous Irishman, he could market anything, and Kevin loved viewing him function. He likewise played cards, caroused and also consumed way too much. When Kevin was 7, his parents separated, as well as Bookalam got guardianship of the children. She remarried a sober-minded Egyptian named George Kanawaty, that was doing his PhD in company at the University of Illinois. The family moved there, and later to Switzerland, where Kanawaty helped the UN. They returned to Canada when Kevin was 16. The teen O'Leary wanted to party, he liked to drive fast (he totalled Bookalam's BMW running a red light), and he wanted to take images (fashion digital photographer Francesco Scavullo was an idolizer).

"Know every little thing concerning the business and individuals you are mosting likely to be working out with. Demand getting the names of everyone joining the settlements. Leave no stone unturned; find out as high as you can." O'Leary on the value of study. (See also: Why Entrepreneurs Are very important for the Economic situation.)

The wine though is a strong pairing for a four episode run of CBC's Dragon's Den, the battery acid merlot enhances perfectly scenes of Canadians that have compromised whatever for a negative company suggestion having their desires shattered by the pitilis Dragons. If you're not knowledgeable about the principle of the show, entrepreneurs of all dimensions, successes and enjoyable sick preparedness provide their company ideas to a panel of titans of Canadian organisation(like the proprietor of Boston Pizza, Canada's premier place for parking lot battles) in the hopes that they will certainly invest in them. It resembles American Idolizer satisfies Thomas Friedman's hairy taint.

O'Leary argues we shouldn't consider his TELEVISION appearances when we weigh whether he would certainly be a good candidate. Kevin O'Leary It was simply fantastic tv he states not real plan. He's mistaken since the character O'Leary plays, this sexist as well as cruel asshole, is additionally his credential as an excellent businessmen. more info His background is not really that remarkable. There is a route of claims and failing behind this individual. Rather it is his cruelty, his desire otherwise eagerness to play the bad guy that is the proof that this man gets loan.

Kevin O \ u0027leary Publication

I'm advised of something else Amanda Lang stated Kevin O'Leary Interactive Trader about him: "Kevin has an excellent brain, when he utilizes it to synthesize info, he'll do it better compared to any person. But every so often, he returns to an oversimplification that I know he's also clever to believe. That's exactly what I think he has in common with dear Donald Trump."

"I want to go to sleep richer than when I got up. The quest of riches is a remarkable point, however the important things is you need to be sincere concerning it, you need to level." O'Leary on the simpleness of purpose and also unadulterated delight that his company profession has actually brought him.

Kevin Oleary Total assets

He would certainly make his real ton of money in a somewhat different industry: software application. O'Leary was an early adopter of the personal computer. In 1983, from his cellar on Shaw, he co-founded a start-up called SoftKey, which made software program for offices. The business was identified by ruthless efficiency and also quick growth, and by 1996, it had relocated to Boston and also handled the name of among its lots of acquisitions, the Understanding Firm (Tender Loving Care). In the '90s, TLC was the greatest academic software application firm worldwide. "Kevin was an early version of Mark Zuckerberg," his former CFO Scott Murray states. "He was thoughtful about just what the market may come to be also when it had not been there."

Kevin O'Leary is an Interactive Trader

Terence Thomas Kevin O'Leary (born 9 July 1954) is a Canadian businessman, author and television personality.[3] He co-founded O'Leary Funds and SoftKey. From 2004 to 2014, he appeared on various Canadian television shows, including the business news programmes SqueezePlay and The Lang and O'Leary Exchange, as well as the reality television shows Dragons' Den and Redemption Inc.[4] In 2008, he appeared on Discovery Channel's Project Earth, and since 2009 he has appeared on Shark Tank, the American equivalent of Dragons' Den.

O'Leary co-founded SoftKey Software Products, a technology company that sold software geared toward family education and entertainment. During the late 1980s and 1990s, SoftKey acquired rival companies such as Compton's New Media, The Learning Company and Brøderbund. SoftKey later changed its name to The Learning Company and was acquired by The Mattel Toy Company in 1999, with the sale making O'Leary a multimillionaire.[5][6] O'Leary was soon fired by Mattel after the acquisition resulted in significant losses and multiple shareholder lawsuits.[6]

In 2017 he campaigned to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.[7] He was a frontrunner in the polls during much of that time, but dropped out in April 2017, one month before the election, citing a lack of support in Quebec.[8]

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Early life and education

O'Leary was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the son of Georgette (née Bukalam), a small-business owner and investor, and Terry O'Leary, a salesman.[9][10] His father was Irish, and his mother was of Lebanese descent.[11][12] Due to his paternal heritage, O'Leary also holds Irish citizenship and carries an Irish passport. [13]

O'Leary's parents divorced when he was a child, and his father died shortly thereafter. After his father's death, O'Leary's mother ran the business as an executive.[14] His mother later married an economist who worked with the UN's International Labour Organization.[11][15] His stepfather's international assignments caused the family to move frequently, and O'Leary lived in many places while growing up, including Cambodia, Tunisia, and Cyprus.[16] O'Leary attended Quebec schools Stanstead College[17] and St. George's School.[4]

O'Leary's mother was a skilled investor, investing a third of her weekly paycheque in large-cap, dividend-paying stocks and interest-bearing bonds, ultimately achieving high returns in her investment portfolio. She kept her investment portfolio secret, so O'Leary only discovered his mother's skill as an investor after her death, when her will was executed.[18] Many of his investment lessons came from his mother, including the admonition to save one-third of his money.[4][18][19][20]

O'Leary had aspired to become a photographer, but on the advice of his stepfather attended university,[15] where he continued to develop his interest in business and investing.[21] He received an honours bachelor's degree in environmental studies and psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1977[22][23][24] and an MBA in entrepreneurship from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario in 1980.[23][24]

Business career

In 1979, between the first and second years of his MBA program, O'Leary was selected for an internship at Nabisco in downtown Toronto, and then worked as an assistant brand manager for Nabisco's cat food brand.[19][20][25][20] O'Leary credits his later success at The Learning Company to the skills he developed in marketing during his days at Nabisco.[26]

After leaving Nabisco, O'Leary began a brief career as a television producer. With two of his former MBA classmates, Scott Mackenzie and Dave Toms (both of whom had assisted on O'Leary's MBA documentary), O'Leary co-founded Special Event Television (SET).[14][27][28] SET was an independent television production company that produced original sports programming such as The Original Six, Don Cherry's Grapevine and Bobby Orr and the Hockey Legends. The company achieved limited success with minor television shows, soccer films, sports documentaries, and short in-between-period commercials for local professional hockey games.[19][29][6][30][31] One of his partners later bought out his share of the venture for $25,000.[4][28]


After selling his share of SET, O'Leary started Softkey in a Toronto basement in 1986, along with business partners John Freeman and Gary Babcock.[31] The company was a publisher and distributor of CD-ROM-based personal computer software for Windows and Macintosh computers. A major financial backer who had committed $250,000 in development capital to the company backed out the day before signing the documents and delivering his cheque, which left O'Leary looking for funding to support the fledgling business. He used the proceeds from the sale of his share of SET and convinced his mother to lend him $10,000 in seed capital to establish SoftKey Software Products.[32]

The software and personal-computer industries were growing rapidly in the early 1980s, and O'Leary convinced printer manufacturers to bundle Softkey's program with their hardware. With distribution assured, the company developed a number of educational software products focused on mathematics and reading education. Softkey products typically consisted of software intended for home users, especially compilation discs containing various freeware or shareware games packaged in "jewel-case" CD-ROMs.[20][6]

Softkey weathered stiff competition from other software companies in the late 1980s and prospered throughout the 1990s. By 1993, Softkey had become a major consolidator in the educational software market, acquiring rivals such as WordStar and Spinnaker Software.[33][34] In 1995, Softkey acquired The Learning Company (TLC) for $606 million,[35] adopting its name, and moved its headquarters to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

TLC lost $105 million (US) in 1998 on revenues $800 million and suffered losses over the previous two years.[36] TLC bought its former rival Brøderbund in June 1998 for $416 million.

In 1999, TLC was acquired by Mattel for US$4.2 billion.[31] Sales and earnings for Mattel soon dropped, and O'Leary departed Mattel. The purchase by Mattel was later called one of the most disastrous acquisitions in recent history.[37] Following the acquisition, Mattel experienced a USD $105 million loss where management had projected a US$50-million profit. Mattel's stock dropped, wiping out USD$3 billion of shareholder value in a single day. Mattel's shareholders later filed a class-action lawsuit accusing Mattel executives, O'Leary, and former TLC CEO Michael Perik of misleading investors about the health of TLC and the benefits of its acquisition. The lawsuit alleged that TLC used accounting tricks to hide losses and inflate quarterly revenues. O'Leary and his defendants disputed all of the charges. Mattel paid $122 million to settle the lawsuit in 2003. O'Leary blamed the technology meltdown and a culture clash of management of the two companies for the failure of the acquisition.[36][38]

O'Leary and backers from Citigroup made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire the video game company Atari, and O'Leary made plans to start a video-gaming television channel that never came to fruition.[6]

StorageNow Holdings

In 2003, O'Leary became a co-investor and director at StorageNow Holdings, a Canadian developer of climate-controlled storage facilities. StorageNow became the operator of storage services in Canada, with facilities in 11 cities, and was acquired by in Storage REIT in March 2007 for $110 million.[6] O'Leary sold his shares, originally worth $500,000, for more than $4.5 million.[6] In May 2005, Reza Satchu and O'Leary's partner, Wheeler, filed a $10-million wrongful-dismissal lawsuit, charging that they had altered an agreed-upon compensation deal and illegally reduced Wheeler's share of the profits.[6] O'Leary said that Satchu and Wheeler failed to reach performance targets.[39]

Other projects

In March 2007, O'Leary joined the advisory board of Genstar Capital, a private equity firm that focuses on investing in healthcare services, industrial technology, business services and software. Genstar Capital appointed O'Leary to its Strategic Advisory Board to seek new investment opportunities for its $1.2 billion fund.[40]

O'Leary Funds

In 2008, O'Leary co-founded O'Leary Funds Inc., a mutual fund company focused on global yield investing. He is the company's chairman and lead investor, while his brother Shane O'Leary serves as the director. The fund's assets under management grew from $400 million in 2011 to $1.2-billion in 2012.[41] The fund's primary manager was Stanton Asset Management, a firm controlled by the husband-and-wife team of Connor O'Brien and Louise Ann Poirier.[20]

According to research by Mark R. McQueen, the fund increased distribution yield from his funds by returning invested capital to shareholders. While this is not unusual, it was contrary to O'Leary's statements.[42] Another analysis also found that one quarter of the distributions from one of O'Leary's funds were return of capital.[39] In November 2014, O'Leary Funds Management agreed to pay penalties to the Autorité des marchés financiers for violating certain technical provisions of the Securities Act. At the time of the agreement, O'Leary Funds reported that it had taken steps to correct the violations.[43] On 15 October 2015, O'Leary Funds was sold to Canoe Financial, a private investment-management company owned by Canadian businessman W. Brett Wilson, who once was an investor with O'Leary on CBC's Dragons' Den.[44]

O'Leary Ventures

O'Leary founded O'Leary Ventures, a private early-stage venture capital investment company,[45] O'Leary Mortgages, O'Leary books, and O'Leary Fine Wines.[46][47] In April 2014, O'Leary Mortgages closed.[48]

ETF and investing

On 14 July 2015, O'Leary launched an ETF through O'Shares Investments, a division of his investment fund, O'Leary Funds Management LP, where O'Leary serves as chairman.

O'Leary is a value investor; he has given advice on personal finance.[49] He advocates portfolio diversification and suggests that investors have their age as the percentage of bonds in their portfolios (i.e., 30% in bonds and 70% in stocks for a 30-year old investor, with an increasing proportion of bonds and decreasing proportion of stocks as the investor ages).[49] O'Leary has also "stated on many occasions that he won’t invest in a publicly traded stock unless it pays him a dividend."[50]

O'Leary also ventured into gold investing, with five percent of his financial portfolio invested in physical gold. However, he does not invest in stocks of gold-mining companies because he says cash flow is an important investment factor to him.[51][52][53] O'Leary also advises diversification in multiple industry sectors so that no more than 20% of one's financial portfolio is held in one sector.[54][55]


In September 2011, O'Leary released his first book, Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life, in which he shares his views on entrepreneurship, business, finance, money and life.[56] A sequel, The Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them, was published in 2012. It focused on financial literacy and financial education as a foundation for achieving wealth.[57] O'Leary released a followup in 2013 in which he covers subjects relating to important life choices: education, careers, marriage and family, and retirement. He discusses the obstacles of raising a family while working to provide financial security for them and gives advice for developing financial literacy in family members, saving and investing money, and managing debt and credit.[58]


Dragons' Den and Shark Tank

In 2006, O'Leary appeared as one of the five venture capitalists on the then-new show Dragons' Den on CBC, the Canadian installment of the international Dragons' Den format. On the show, O'Leary developed a persona as a blunt, abrasive investor, who at one point told a contestant who started crying, "Money doesn't care. Your tears don't add any value."[6] [59] This television persona was encouraged by executive producer Stuart Coxe, who during the first two seasons occasionally asked O'Leary to be "more evil".[60] Dragons' Den became one of the most-watched shows in CBC history, with around two million viewers per episode.[6] Coxe attributed the show's success in large part to O'Leary's presence.[6]

In 2009, the American version of Dragons' Den, Shark Tank, began, and Shark Tank executive producer Mark Burnett invited two of the CBC Dragons' Den investors, O'Leary and Robert Herjavec, to appear on the show. Both have remained with Shark Tank since the beginning. For several years, they appeared on both shows, although Herjavec left Dragons' Den in 2012, and O'Leary left in 2014. Shark Tank became a ratings hit, averaging 9 million viewers per episode at its peak in the 2014-15 season.[61] It has also been a critical favorite, winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program three times.[62]

During an episode of the first season of Shark Tank, after O'Leary made a particularly aggressive offer for a company, fellow investor Barbara Corcoran responded with the sarcastic riposte, "Well, aren't you Mr. Wonderful?"[63] O'Leary quickly embraced the nickname and began to refer to himself as "Mr. Wonderful"—both as a tongue-in-cheek reference to his reputation for being mean,[64] as well as a reflection of his view that his blunt assessments were helpful to misguided entrepreneurs. He also gained a reputation on the show for preferring deals in which he loans the entrepreneurs money in exchange for a percentage of future revenue, rather than taking a share of the company.[65]

Notable deals in which O'Leary has been involved on Shark Tank include investments in Talbott Teas (later bought by Jamba Juice)[66] and GrooveBook (later bought by Shutterfly), the latter with Mark Cuban.[67] O'Leary has a holding company, called "Something Wonderful", for managing his Dragons' Den and Shark Tank investments.[65]

Discovery Channel's Discovery Project Earth

In 2008, O'Leary worked as a co-host for the Discovery Channel's Discovery Project Earth, a show that explores innovative ways to reverse climate change.[68] [69]

The Lang and O'Leary Exchange

In 2009, O'Leary began appearing with journalist Amanda Lang on CBC News Network's The Lang and O'Leary Exchange.

During a segment of The Lang & O'Leary Exchange on the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, O'Leary criticized Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges for sounding "like a left-wing nutbar." Hedges said afterwards that "it will be the last time" he would appear on the show and compared the CBC to Fox News.[70] CBC's ombudsman found O'Leary's behaviour to be a violation of the public broadcaster's journalistic standards.[71]

In January 2014, on The Lang and O'Leary Exchange, O'Leary remarked,

“ It's fantastic, and this is a great thing because it inspires everybody, gets them motivation to look up to the one percent and say, 'I want to become one of those people, I'm going to fight hard to get up to the top.' This is fantastic news, and, of course, I applaud it. What can be wrong with this? I celebrate capitalism. Don't tell me that you want to redistribute wealth again, that's never gonna happen... Redistribution of wealth doesn’t work, we tried it in the Soviet Union, North Korea, would you like to live there? [72] [73][74][75] ”

O'Leary later clarified these statements saying,

“ No I don’t think poverty is fantastic. I don’t think income disparity is fantastic. What I think is how successful capitalism has been over the last hundred years reducing poverty and reducing income disparity. In the last 30 years the number of people living on this globe in extreme poverty has been reduced from 42% down to 17%. Amanda I want you to thank capitalism for that because that’s how it happened.[76] ”

Other projects

O'Leary has produced and hosted his own reality show, Redemption Inc., in which he tries to help ex-convicts start and develop their own businesses.[4]

Having also been a co-host of SqueezePlay on Bell Media's Business News Network (BNN), he returned to the Discovery Channel on 1 September 2014 to join as a contributor for its radio and television stations such as CTV.[77][78]

On 5 May 2015, O'Leary made an appearance on the game show Celebrity Jeopardy and received $10,000 for his charity despite finishing 3rd and in negative points after both Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy rounds.[79] In September of that year, O'Leary appeared as a celebrity judge in the 95th Miss America pageant.[80]


In January 2016, O'Leary offered to invest $1 million in the economy of Alberta in exchange for the resignation of Premier Rachel Notley[81] and appeared with four other prospective leadership candidates at a conference for federal Conservatives in late February 2016 where he gave a presentation titled "If I Run, This is How."[82][83] During his speech he predicted that the Liberal government would fall within four years as a result of economic collapse.[84]

2017 Federal Conservative Party Leadership Race

Following Stephen Harper's resignation as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, O'Leary attended Conservative party gatherings in February and May 2016, leading to public speculation about whether he would run for 2017 leadership election.[85]

In February 2016, Maxime Bernier, a Conservative Quebecois politician, criticized Kevin O'Leary, calling him a "tourist"[86] for not being able to speak French and wanting to be Prime Minister.[87][88] Bernier later clarified his comments by explaining that he wanted all leadership candidates to learn French and praised his fellow leadership contender Lisa Raitt, who was trying to improve her French. O'Leary stated that he was taking French lessons, and promised to learn French in time for the next federal election.[89]

On 18 January 2017, O'Leary officially entered the Conservative leadership race.[7] On 18 January 2017, his former Dragons' Den co-star Arlene Dickinson stated that she found O'Leary to be too "self-interested and opportunistic" to be qualified for the office of Prime Minister.[90] In response, another former Dragons' Den co-star, W. Brett Wilson, endorsed O'Leary, highlighting differences between O'Leary as a businessman and his TV persona.[91]

On 1 February 2017, O'Leary posted a video of him shooting in a Miami gun range. It was removed from Facebook based on the fact that there was funeral for three victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting on that day. It was also revealed that he was in New York promoting one of his business ventures when this occurred. O'Leary later apologized for the timing of this post.[92][93]

Throughout his run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, O'Leary was briefly compared to U.S. President Donald Trump.[94][95] Commentators noted that both were very wealthy businessmen who became more famous as a result of long-running stints on reality television,[96] and who then entered politics by running for office at a national level, on a platform that includes lowering taxes and regulations.[97][98][99] Some commentators also found similarities in what they called both men's brash, outspoken style,[100][101][102] though various also stated that O'Leary's bluntness, unlike Trump's, was simply part of a "carefully-cultivated persona".[103][104] O'Leary has praised Trump personally, calling him "smart as a fox",[105] but tended to dismiss comparisons to him by noting that, in contrast to Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric and specifically his pledge to build a wall on the Mexico–United States border, "I'm of Lebanese-Irish descent, I don't build walls, I am very proud of the society we're building in Canada, I think it is the envy of the planet. There's no walls in my world. I wouldn't exist if Canada had walls."[106] Other commentators pointed out the differences between Trump and O'Leary on other issues, including free trade, abortion, same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization and the future of NATO.[104][103][107]

O'Leary was a frontrunner in the polls throughout most of his run. Nevertheless, he dropped out of the leadership race on April 26, 2017, stating that, though he still thought he could win the leadership election, a lack of support for him in Quebec meant that it would be difficult for him to beat Trudeau in 2019, and that it would thus be "selfish" of him to continue. On dropping out, he endorsed Bernier, considered the other main frontrunner for the position.[8]

Political positions

Economy and trade

O'Leary supports multi-lateral free trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement. He described hypothetical trade negotiations between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau as "Godzilla versus Bambi".[108] O'Leary believes corporate tax rates in Canada are too high, and has promised to eliminate the national carbon tax.[109] O'Leary has threatened to punish provinces by withholding transfer payments if they do not eliminate their respective carbon taxes.[109] O'Leary is a critic of deficit spending and supports eliminating the national debt.[110]

O'Leary opposes control of the CRTC over Canada's telecommunications system.[111]


O'Leary supports building a pipeline from the Athabasca oil sands to Eastern Canada with the intentions of making Canada "energy independent". He has criticized Canada's reliance on Saudi Arabia for oil and gas.[112] He has stated he would support a national referendum on the issue of pipelines.[113]


O'Leary describes his social policies as "very liberal". He supports same-sex marriage and transgender rights.[114] O'Leary supports the legalization and regulation of marijuana.[111]

O'Leary supports assisted suicide and cited Switzerland as a model for Canada to follow.[115]

Foreign and military policy

O'Leary supported ending Canadian airstrikes on ISIS and supports taking a peacekeeping role in the Syrian Civil War.[116]

O'Leary described Russia as "neither an ally or a foe" in an interview with the CBC.[117]

O'Leary has criticized Justin Trudeau's procurement plan. He supports purchasing aerial combat drones to defend Canadian airspace and supports phasing out use of the Lockheed CP-140 Aurora citing cost reasons.[114]

O'Leary has criticized the lack of funding of the Canadian Armed Forces and supports spending the NATO recommended 2% of GDP on military expenditures.[114][118]


O'Leary has proposed creating a "fast track" for citizenship for immigrants who graduate from college or university and find employment, as well as for their spouses and children.[95]

O'Leary has come out in opposition to what he considers a "loophole" in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement; this treaty only requires that Canada return illegal refugees who try to cross at official border crossings.[119] He has also advocated for increased border security in order to tackle the issue of illegal immigration.[120][121][122]


In a 2017 interview with Evan Solomon, O'Leary suggested that Senators should pay money every year, instead of being paid, thus turning "a cost centre to Canada" into "a profit centre."[123]

Personal life

O'Leary and his wife, Linda, have been married since 1990.[18] The couple separated in 2011, but resumed their marriage after two years.[124] Linda now serves as the VP of Marketing for O'Leary Wines.[125] They have two children.[126] Trevor is a music producer and DJ.[126] In an interview with Inc. Magazine writer Brian D Evans O'Leary stated: "In a successful growing business, it eats your time alive. Then later in life, you can provide for your family things that many others can't have. But because you sacrificed, you're then given the reward of freedom."

O'Leary's primary residence and tax residency is in Toronto, Ontario. He also maintains a cottage in Muskoka as well as homes in Boston, and Geneva, Switzerland.[127][128][129]

Additional Information on Kevin O'Leary Interactive Trader

O'Leary is a big fan of the football team the New England Patriots, and claims to never miss a game of theirs, even when he is traveling around the world and the game occurs in the middle of the night.[63] He is a wine aficionado, and belongs to the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, an international association of Burgundy wine enthusiasts.[130] He is also a lifelong photographer, and has exhibited and sold prints of his photographs, donating the proceeds to charity.[131]


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